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How to use a buffer 'tutorial'.

This tutorial will explain how to use a 'rotary' style buffer. Don't know what a rotary or orbital buffer is? Well it's really simple. A rotary buffer spins in one direction and can very easily burn through paint and an orbital rotates front to back and side to side and is near impossible to burn through paint. Always use a buffer with variable speeds to control the cutting. I always use rotary buffers as you can get the job done in a fraction of the time it takes with an orbital. I recommend orbital if you are starting out and worries about burning through paint jobs.

I typically angle the buffer to 45 degrees and start on a light speed to work in the compound or polish. Keep the buffer moving, if you stand still with it you will surely burn the paint if it's on a medium to high speed. I usually buff around 900 to 1200 RPM with great results, let the pad and compound do the work. While buffing around body lines, door handles, moulding or any other areas I always take them off to avoid damage. Especially on body lines, just back tape the bodyline edge and buff, this way the buffer burns the tape not the paint. If the scratch is on the body line remove the tape and lightly and slowly work out the scratch, then tape off if you have to continue buffing. Much easier than having to re paint or better yet, pay a body shop or 'Spray King' to come fix it!

Contact Spray King with any questions and we will help answer them for you.

Good luck!

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