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How to repair blended clear coat


There are a couple main reasons that your clear coat blend looks bad. It will look unpolished, dull, not glossy etc etc.

  1. You sprayed base coat color too far from where you sprayed you clear coat blend line. When this happens you have base color past the clear coat line and once you spray your clear coat blending agent it will burn in the base coat and leave a matted look. Buffing this out will leave a burn line where the base will always meet the clear. It's easier to redu this than to attempt to polish it back.
  2. Some blenders (fade out thinners) will have more resin than others, some burn in better than others. Many times after blending in the clear coat line you will see a 'haze' not where the clear line was, but where the blender line now is from spraying over the clear line. If you see this your blender has a lot of resin. To get rid of that the easiest way is to spray some reducer over the blending agent line. This will help burn in the resin. You can polish this out after the clear is dry enough to polish and buff, but in the mobile industry I always say "blend it and send it" there is no money in waiting for this to dry and having to come back and polish out hazing.

This is basic information and expected that your experienced in performing mobile paint repairs. If you require training please contact Spray King and we can teach you everything you need to know and be a confident mobile repair tech.

Good luck!

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