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How to Wet Sand

Wet sanding is easy but dangerous!! Here are some basic things to consider so that you aren't 'scared' to try it.

Things you need. Remeber ALWAYS clean the working area and dry it before starting repairs.

  • 1500 or 2000 grit wet sand paper
  • water bottle
  • soft sanding block

Wrap the sandpaper around the sanding block and soak it will the water bottle, also spray water onto the scratch area. Lightly sand in an X type patten over the scratch, use lots of water and keep checking, taking off a little at a time is better than too much. The finished dry result will be a dull sanded area where the scratch was, no worries!!! This is what you want, you can easily buff out 1500 or 2000 grit sand scratches. To learn how to buff this out read the buffing tutorial.

Contact Spray King with any questions and we will help answer them for you.

Good luck!

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