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Spot Repair Process

"There are a lot of misconceptions about automotive mobile paint repairs. At Spray King Repairs we strive to educate the consumer as to what a realistic expectation should be about the mobile paint repair services we offer.

The most asked question we get is, "will the paint match perfectly?" Spray King Repairs uses a technique called spot blending, which is the most effective and state of the art paint repair technique.

Since extraneous variables such as: UV rays, weather conditions, spray gun pressure, type of spray gun, and atmospheric conditions can never be perfectly controlled and replicated your vehicles factory color code with not always match the factory color. Even if your car came out of the body shop yesterday, the paint will never "perfectly" match. However, the color can be custom tinted close enough to make a blendable match. This is where the art of blending takes over. Blending fades in the new paint to the old paint making the color match as close as possible producing what will look like a perfect match."

Wanna learn how to be a mobile paint repair tech? How about a mobile interior repair tech? Or just looking for supplies?

Paint and Interior Training and Supplies

How to resources for automotive mobile paint and interior repairs

Spot Repair Process
Spot Repair Process

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